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The Yilka Talintji (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC is the PBC for the Yilka determination.

The Yilka determination area is located within the Shire of Laverton in Western Australia.

It covers the four Aboriginal reserves for the use and benefit of Traditional Owners (Reserves 20396, 22032, 25050 and 25051) and the Yarmana Pastoral Lease, held by Gold Road Resources Ltd (formerly Eleckra Mines Ltd). 

The Cosmo Newberry Community is located in the north-west portion of the determination area. 


Yilka Talintji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

ICN: 8415

Contact:Yilka Talintji
Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
c/- 76 Wittenoom Street, East Perth WA 6004 

Land Area



North East of Laverton, Central Desert region, Western Australia


Litigated determination-
27 September 2017