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Kaltupakal Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC is the PBC for Pilki People.

Pilki People., many of whom are also Spinifex People, and from the margins of that country - the Maralinga Lands and Mamungari Conservation Park in South Australia. They share close familial and customary relationships and activities.

They are members of the Western Desert Social and Cultural Bloc (WDSCB or Western Desert). They were nomadic people with ceremonial and social links to the east (Spinifex and Pitjantjatjara), north (Ngaanyatjarra), south (Ngatju) and west (Wongatha).

Many of the native title holders share the stories of being forced from their country by the nuclear bomb testing at Maralinga and moved to missions at Cundeelee or further south.

There are four fairly distinct environmental zones within the determination area. In the north are sand plains with spinifex and mallee. Moving southwards, first there is an area of shrub lands on laterite ridges and sand plains, and then an area of salt flats and open woodlands across salt lakes such as Jubilee Lake.

Then, in the south, there are open woodlands of the Nullarbor Plain.

They hold exclusive native title which includes recognition and determination of the native title right to take and use resources of the land and waters for any purpose, including commercial purposes.


Kaltupakal Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

ICN: 8383

Contact:Rowena Purdy
Kaltupakal Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
c/-  76 Wittenoom Street
East Perth, WA 6004

Land Area



South East Desert region


Consent determination –
2 December 2014