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Warnpurru (Aboriginal Corporation) is the Corporation for the Pila Nature Reserve.

The determination of the Pila Nature Reserve is the outcome of the Gibson Desert Nature Reserve Compensation and Lurrtjurrlulu Palakitjalu Settlement Agreement (CLPSA).

Pila meaning 'plains' or 'flat country'. The agreement was directed towards settling the State’s compensation liability under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) (NTA) for the creation and vesting of the Reserve in 1977, and the resulting extinguishment of native title.

An application for compensation and separate application for native title determination - where applications seek a determination of native title over the Pila Nature Reserve and relevant compensation.

The CLPSA will run for a term of 10 years and provide a range of benefits for the Traditional Owners via Warnpurru (Aboriginal Corporation), with the focus being a commitment to the effective joint management of the Pila Nature Reserve. 

The Pila Nature Reserve Traditional Owners have, and their predecessors had, a connection to the country of the Claim Area, through their traditional laws and customs and the Tjukurrpa.


Warnpurru (Aboriginal Corporation)

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Warnpurru (Aboriginal Corporation)
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Central Desert region, Western Australia


Consent determinations –
15 June 2022