Prescribed Body Corporate
Land Access and Future Acts


The Tjurabalan native title claim was finalised on 20 August 2001 when the Federal Court recognised exclusive native title rights and interests of the Tjurabalan native title claimants.

The Tjurabalan Native Title Lands (Aboriginal Corporation) was appointed the prescribed body corporate to hold the native title rights on trust on behalf of the Tjurabalan native title holders. Tjurabalan Native Title Lands (Aboriginal Corporation) manages all of its own affairs without support from Central Desert.

Prescribed Body Corporate

Nominated Prescribed Body Corporate: Tjurabalan Native Title Land (Aboriginal Corporation)
PBC Contact details: Contact Officer: Donovan Jenkins
Balgo Aboriginal Community
PMB 7 via Halls Creek WA 6770

Claim Details

Federal Court of Australia Summary
Title: Ngalpil v Premier and The State of Western Australia
Applicant Names: Palmer Gordon Ngalpil, Sandy Cox, Rex John, Paraku (George Wallaby), David Skeen, Kilampi, Boxer Milgner, Ivy Robertson, Gracie Long, Clancy Sturt, Mona Green, Wirrimanu (Robert Rallah), Tomato Gordon, Bessie Doonday, Speeler Sturt, Veronica Lulu, Reggie Chungulla, Raymond Chungulla, Boxer Jalarku, Linda Yandanalli, Chamia Napurulla, Ned Cox Yanpiei and Violet Campbell Barangnali
Application type: Claimant Application
Date filed: 18 December 1997
FCA No: WAD 160 of 1997


National Native Title Tribunal Summary
NNTT No: WC95/74
Register of NT claims: Not registered
NNTT Status: Finalised – fully determined
Area Description/Location: South of Halls Creek near NT border
Claim area size (approximate): 25,917.776km2
Notification Status:
Notification closing date:
In mediation: n/a
Date Finalised: 20 August 2001

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Determination type: Consent Determination – fully determined
Determination date: 20 August 2001
NT rights and interests recognised: The determination of native title recognises the following rights and interests in the area of the determination:the right to possess, occupy, use and enjoy the land and waters of the determination area to the exclusion of all others, including:

    1. the right to live on the determination area;
    2. the right to make decisions about the use and enjoyment of the determination area;
    3. the right to hunt and gather, and to take the waters for the purpose of satisfying their personal, domestic, social, cultural, religious, spiritual, ceremonial and communal needs;
    4. the right to control access to, and activities conducted by others on, the land and waters of the determination area;
    5. the right to maintain and protect sites and areas which are of significance to the common law holders under their traditional laws and customs; and
    6. the right as against any other Aboriginal group or individual to be acknowledged as the traditional Aboriginal owners of the determination area;

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Land Access & Future Acts

Central Desert does not service the Tjurabalan determination area.


Please contact the Tjurabalan Native Title Aboriginal Corporation, cl- Balgo Community PMB 7 via Halls Creek WA 6770, if you have any queries in relation to Land Access within the Tjurabalan determination area.


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Native Title Consent Determination Ngalpil v Western Australia [2001] FCA 1140 (20 August 2001)
Reasons for Judgment on Nomination of Prescribed Body Corporate Ngalpil v Western Australia [2003] FCA 1098 (9 October 2003)
Media Release  
PBC Rules Tjurabalan Native Title Lands Aboriginal Corporation Rules of Association

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