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Jamukurnu-Yapalikunu Aboriginal Corporation
(JYAC) is the PBC for the Matru people of this determination area.

Martu ngurra includes the exclusive possession native title lands recognised in 2002 and 2013, as well as Karlamilyi National Park, a total of more than 152,000 square kilometres of traditional country.

Martu have a right to control access to their country. The only publicly open roads are the Ripon Hills / Telfer / Punmu / Kunawarritji Road, and the Talawana Track. Kuju Yirwarra (Canning Stock Route) requires a permit.

The term "Martu" is one of many dialect words used in the Western Desert by speakers of different dialects to refer to Aboriginal people, men or people. This word has become the way in which different dialect speakers in the area identify themselves. It is not tied to a particular place in the claim area. It is used to express their shared kinship and culture across different dialects or languages.

Of great importance is the continuing strength of their belief in the Dreaming.


Jamukurnu-Yapalikunu Aboriginal Corporation

ICN: 4207

Contact:Level 3,
130 Royal Street,
East Perth, WA, 6004

Land Area

152,000 km2


Western Desert region

Western Australia and Rudall River National Park (Karlamilyi) 150km east of Marble Bar


Determinations by consent–
Part 1 - 27 September 2002
Part 2- 16 May 2013
Martu # 3 – August 2023.



Jamukurnu-Yapalikunu Aboriginal Corporation

Native Title Consent Determination:

James on behalf of the Martu People v Western Australia  [2002] FCA 1208 (27 September 2002)

Peterson v State of Western Australia[2013] FCA 518(16 May 2013)


PBC website: