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Wakamurru (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC is the PBC for Manta Rirrtinya people.

Manta Rirrtinya native title holders have exclusive possession of their entire determination area, except for a small portion of country overlapped by Prenti Downs Pastoral Lease.

Exclusive possession is the highest form of native title recognised at law. This means that entry onto those parts of determination area will require the consent of the Manta Rirrtinya native title holders.

Rirrti [Empress Springs] where the on-country determination was held in 2018, is one of the many places holding stories and cultural significance.


Wakamurru (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC

ICN: 8860

Contact: Kiri Milne
Wakamurru (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC
c/-  76 Wittenoom Street
East Perth, WA 6004

Land Area



Central Desert region, Western Australia


Consent determination-
13 September 2018