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Rapi (Aboriginal Corporation) RTNBC is the PBC for Lappi Lappi and Ngulupi people. 

Lappi Lappi and Ngulupi people hold exclusive native title rights to their determined country.

Lappi Lappi”, is reference to Lappi Lappi Rockhole in the south of the Determination Area; and “Ngulupi”, is reference to Ngulupi Outstation in the north of the Determination Area.

These are significant locations within the Determination Area that people continue to maintain connection to and look after.

Lappi Lappi and Ngulupi people occupied the determination area and wider country until at least the late 1950s. They continue to visit it still.

Access and Transit Permits are required under the Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Act 1972 (WA) to access the Aboriginal Reserves.


Rapi (Aboriginal Corporation) RTNBC 


Contact:Emilie Goegan
Rapi (Aboriginal Corporation) RTNBC 
c/-  76 Wittenoom Street
East Perth WA  6004

Land Area



Pilbara region, Western Australia


Consent determination –

24 October 2018.