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Kultju (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC is the PBC for Kultju people.

The Kultju native title holders have an intimate knowledge of the Western Desert Cultural Block system of law and custom; dreaming tracks and associated sites; stories and songs.

They have a system of kinship under which roles and responsibilities are known and acknowledged (including in relation to ritual, marriage, death/burial etc).

These laws and customs forming part of the Tjukurrpa associated with country, are retained through the performing and passing on to their children and grandchildren.


Kultju (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC

ICN: 9147

Contact: James Sceghi
55 Collins Street Kalgoorlie

Land Area



Central Desert region, Western Australia

50km south east of Wiluna in the Shire of Wiluna and Shire of Leonora


Consent determinations –
30 October 2019