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Tjamu Tjamu is the PBC for Kiwirrkurra.

Kiwirrkurra is located in the “tali” (sandhill) country of the Gibson Desert, to the south west of Lake McKay. It has been described as the most remote community in Australia.

Kiwirrkurra people hold exclusive possession of their country which includes Aboriginal Reserves, requiring Kiwirrkurra permission to enter or transit through.

Access to Aboriginal Reserves is gained through an entry permit under the Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Act.

Kiwirrkurra is a living landscape, created and sustained by the Tjukurrpa (dreaming). The Tingari men and women travelled from the west creating the vast spinifex-covered plains of the Gibson Desert and leaving in their wake the sand dunes, waterholes and rocky outcrops.

The Kiwirrkurra IPA, is home to several nationally threatened species including the bilby (ninu) and great desert skink (tjalapa), as well as a host of important food and medicine plants and animals. 



Tjamu Tjamu (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC

ICN: 4148

Contact: Julian Santamaria

Tjamu Tjamu Aboriginal
Corporation RNTBC
c/- Kiwirrkurra Community
PMB 83, via Alice Springs NT 0872

Land Area

42,905km 2


Gibson Desert west of Lake Mackay

Alice Springs 700km to east of boundary


Consent determination–
19 October 2001