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Marputu (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC is the PBC for Gingirana.

“Gingirana” derives from a Western Desert language, Putijarra. 

Putijarra is also used to describe the country associated with putijarra language and the people who belong to putijarra language and law.

The term 'Gingirana' is the name of a hill kangaroo which travels through the Determination Area. This is an important symbol and significant place for the Gingirana People.

The determination area is approximately 12,153 square kilometres and is located in the western perimeter of the Little Sandy Desert, south of Newman and northwest of Wiluna in Western Australia. Native Title Holders enjoy both exclusive and non-exclusive native title.


Marputu (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC

ICN: 8085

Contact: Rowena Purdy
Marputu Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
c/- 76 Wittenoom Street East Perth, WA 60044

Land Area

12,150km 2


Central Desert Region of Western Australia

125km south of Newman


Consent determinations –

Gingirana 17 Dec 2017

Also, Gingirana #3 and #4 are extensions of the existing native title.



Native Title judgements:

Atkins on behalf of the Gingirana People v State of Western Australia  [2017] FCA 1465 (7 December 2017)